About Us
Established in 2005 with the hopes of bringing the importance of arts education to the general public, provide music instruments for underfunded public schools and scholarships for California State University students.

Board of DirectorsExecutive Director

H. Steven Burnside, Esq.
Leslee “Missie” Fennell
David W. Green

David Green

All positions are voluntary

Planning CommitteeHonorary Associates

Joyce Aimee
B. Harlan Boll
Fred Eichel
Dr. Merryl Goldberg
Dave Long
Kim Rhodes
Richard Skipper
Dr. Leo Ward

         We also  partner with the:

Mr. Blackwell *
Carole Cook
Kitty Carlisles Hart *
Walter Cronkite*
Arlene Dahl
Tyne Daly
Rhonda Fleming
Betty Garrett*
Tippi Hedren
Florence Henderson
Jerry Herman
Jayne Meadows-Allen
Beverly Sills *
Carl Reiner
Lily Tomlin
Barbara Walters
Esther Williams
JoAnne Worley